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Biography of Sho Dai Soke Chase

One Who Dares To Be Unique


Founder of Aiki Ryu
Soke D. E. Chase, D.B.

   Sho Dai Soke Darel E. Chase is the First Generation Head of Family and Founder of the Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu system. Soke Chase currently holds the Dan ranking of Shichidan (7th Degree Black Belt), and is recognized by the National Ju Jitsu Federation of America, Budokaikan International Federation of Martial Arts, the Christian Sokeship Federation, World Head Masters and Sokeship Union, Shintai Ryu Martial Arts Association, the American Federation of Jujitsu as well as other major associations and federations.
   Soke also holds other positions within the Martial Arts community. To his credit, Soke Chase is the current National Executive Director of the National Ju Jitsu Federation, the International Director for Budokaikan International Federation of Martial Arts and is the Kaicho of the Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu Kai World Hombu Dojo.
   Soke Chase is a Certified Personal Trainer and Sport Nutrition Consultant, licenced by the National Fitness Instructors Association. He has also earned academic degrees in Theology and Ministry, including a Bachelor of Theology, a Master of Ministry and a Doctorate in Theology. Soke has also been conferred the prestigious degree of Doctorate of Budo.
   Soke Chase began his martial Arts training at the age of 8 in the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do. After receiving a 1st Degree Black Belt in TKD, Soke Chase began his study of the Japanes art of Jujitsu. Traveling to Japan while in the military, Soke Chase met and trained with O'shiro Nakayame, Soke, 8th Dan in Budokai Aikijitsu. Soke Chase is the only American to receive the ranks and titles of Renshi, Shihan and Menkyo Kaiden from the Budokai Aikijitsu Kai under the leadership of Nakayame, Soke. Soke Chase also has Dan rankings in Nippon Jujitsu, Gogyou-Ryu Karate, Goshin Jujitsu and Goshin-Ryu Combat Jujitsu.
   Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu came about by Soke Chase teaching various arts in his New Jersey Dojo. Teaching Karate, Jujitsu and Street-Defense Tactics led him to develop and systemize this style of Martial Arts. Soke Chase has been active in Martial Arts training for over 28 years and continues to study various style and systems of the arts. Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu is traditional in many aspects, yet has a contemporary flair when it comes to practical street defense.
   Soke Chase is not finished with his mission in the field of Martial Arts. He is a dynamic speaker and teacher. He is an artist in the very essence of the word and a life-long student, always learning, developing and expanding.

Chase, Soke - Founder of Aiki Ryu Ju Jitsu